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Perfect World: Genesis, guild bases

Perfect World: Genesis expansion is getting closer as the release date is scheduled for March 2nd .
Genesis will bring to Perfect World a new guild bases system with interesting features which allow a great guild experience.

Guild base is an istanced area split in different sections: Armory, Alchemy lab, Manor of Justice, Heavenly Vault and the Hall of Loyality. Each section will give unique missions, buffs, and special contents built only for guilds.

In this section you can buy special armor set for guilds with contribution points. For a better armor quality, guild have to upgrade the armory.

Alchemy Lab:
From the lab you can buy special 1 hour long buffs.

Manor of Justice:
In this section you can find special missions that will reward you with contribution points.

Heavenly Vault:
This is an important part of the base as from here the guild can upgrade other sections.

Hall of Loyalty:
This section is based on trivia activities that will reward you with contribution oints.

If you can’t wait to try out this new awesome system don’t lose time! Here is what you need to create the guild base:

- Faction level 3
- Ultimate substance
- Warsong emblems
- Mysterious chips
- Coins

The quantity is not released yet so you should gather as many as possible and get ready to create your own guild base!

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