Forsaken World

Forsaken World: New contents with upcoming patch

The new feature we’ve talked about in a recent news, marriage, is coming to Forsaken World alongside with new contents thanks to the first big update: Glaze of Larex!

Patch will include new dungeon, new PVP arena, new Nightmare Carnival levels, level cap raised, marriage and other improvements.

The update takes its name from the new dungeon which will host the weirdest enemies you’ll ever meet in Forsaken World with the final boss which will not be easy to kill, only who is able to play with cooperation and tactics will be able to defeat Larex and for those players special rewards will await.

Glaze of Larex will also open a new God’s Trial level, starting a new chapter and two new arenas will be opened where only survived players will be the winners.
Gods will personally rewards the winners with special items like armor, weapons and mounts.
The arena allow players to fight with 3vs3 or 6vs6 matches.

In addition the new training grounds will be available (you can read a preview here) and, as mentioned, the new marriage system.

We don’t know yet the release date but devs will surely let players know something more soon.

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