Forsaken World

Forsaken World: Fortification System

The fortification system in Forsaken world it’s an easy and fast way to transform a normal item into something more valuable.
The first thing that it will change in your item which can be a weapon or an armor are the attributes and the higher level is the fortification, the more bonus your item will gain. An armor will gain more defense and a weapon will do more damage, depending on the fortification level.
In addition, fortification unlocks the item sockets for gems. Almost every items in the game has a max of 4 slots.

To fortify an item it’s needed the Star Crystal which can be found with different kind and levels in the Dim Star Debris. Better the crystal quality is, higher the success rate will be. Most items have a maximum of 12 fortify levels and at the max level the benefits are incredible.
If you fail in fortify an item don’t worry, it’s painless. Your item will not be destroyed but you will lose the star crystal.
Only with the fortification system you will have an amazing equipment which allow you to compete with other players or fight against the most dangerous monsters!

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