Forsaken World

Forsaken World celebrate Fall with a new event

Every year devs celerate a new season for their games, this time Forsaken World devs are ready to catch leaves falling down from trees for Fall event where players can win free items,free exp and free ZEN!
- This event is valid until 2nd October -

Here is what you have to do!

Step 1:
Complete any combination of either of these events equaling to 5 total completions by the end of the event:
God’s Trial
Glistening Lowland

Step 2:
Accumulate the following amount of hours (per character) and receive prizes based on your total logged in time:
Accumulate 10 Hours logged in – 5 Edge Badge granting 8000 Reputation points each
Accumulate 20 Hours logged in – 5 Gem Flareboxes each containing 1 random level 1 Gem
Accumulate 30 Hours logged in – Blue Quality Pet the Demono Bat (Level 45)
Accumulate 40 Hours logged in – Raptorex Crystal Box containing a Raptorex Mount (Level 1) (15 Day), 1 Raptorex Crystal Champion Title, 10 Free Star Crystals, and 10 Free Gold Soul Coins

These prizes are cumulative, so if you log in for 40 hours or more, you’ll receive all of the above rewards!

**Prizes will be sent out the qualifying characters the week after the event is over**

During this week our GM’s will be online to ask a question. Be the first on the server to answer this question correctly and you will win 1000 ZEN! Below are the time frames in which the question will be asked. Make sure you are online during these times to catch the question!

Below are the times to watch out for, so keep an eye out on your world chat window!

Eyrda – 5:00 PM Eastern through 7:00 PM Eastern
Storm – 7:00 PM Eastern through 9:00 PM Eastern
Lionheart – 5:00 PM Pacific through 7:00 PM Pacific
Nyos – 7:00 PM CET through 9:00 PM CET
Illyfue – 7:00 PM CET through 9:00 PM CET

2x Monster Kill XP will be activated for the entire duration of this event (excluding maintenance time of course).

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