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Argo Online: Open beta starts today

Argo Online is going to release the Open Beta phase today! One of the most anticipated game is finally available to play without any key needed.
Open Beta phase will bring tons of new contents and will unlock all the sixteen ( 8 for each faction ) classes, along with new dungeons and updated level cap.

Lets check the devs announcement from the official forum!
“As of noon today, you can freely roam the world of ARGO, touching and shooting everything you come across. But you will not need a key, or anything of the sort; only the client will be needed.
All classes playable. Until now, only four classes pper faction were available for play. With the open beta, all sixteen will be at your disposal. Make sure to look over the properties of all of the classes
The level cap is now 40. All accounts will be wiped and the characters deleted, and everyone can play up to level 40. That is not all, we are also looking forward to seeing what you say about getting a nice sense of the power that will come with the new level cap.
10 new dungeons. With 8 new dungeons in the world and 2 new PvP dungeons as well, there is a lot to do even for those of you who were busy during Closed Beta.
Occupations may now be specialized further – For both the Noblian and Floresslah sides, you may now raise your professions to the third stage.
And of course there is a whole new selection of weapons, armor, mounts, and so on.

Go to the download site to download the game (if you haven’t already done so).
During the download you can decide whether you wish to join up with the Noblian, the advocates of the industrial revolution, or the Floresslah, defenders of the natural equilibrium. Both races have a few tricks up their sleeves…

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