Argo: Closed Beta postponed

Argo CB had to have start today but Alaplaya taken the decision to postpone it to the first half of March in order to attune it more, giving the players a more smooth game.
I guess it’s a good idea since with the start of Rift and Forsaken World CB4 people have already alot to do in these days.
Alaplaya have now more time to promote better its game, still almost unknown to the masses.

Well, as you can already guess what that title means, we need to announce that we have to postpone the ARGO Closed Beta to the first half of March.

Reason for this are too many issues that were revealed during the current running CBT#1.

This decision was not easy for us and the developer team, but at the end it is the best way to keep on waiting a couple of days and to look forward to a nice CBT instead of playing a not well working CBT.

We decided to release one more class per faction for the CBT start as an additional compensation for you.

These are the available classes for CBT:

Floresslah: Noblian:
- Taurus - Warrior
- Elementarist - Scholar
- Rogue - Explorer
- Druid - Priest
- Warlock - Chaser
Just see the positive side in that. You have more time to get one of the rare CBT keys, if you still don’t have one.^^

Thank you for your understandings. We are working really hard night and day to provide you a great Closed Beta.

Your alaplaya Team


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